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A Squared is a business endeavor initiated by Anne Aubrun, whose initials have inspired the name of the company.

With successful professional experience in the academic, business, and education worlds, Anne has a proven ability to effortlessly adapt to very diverse environments. Her 20+ years of IT practice combined with her can-do and solution-oriented attitude make her a perfect fit to work both as part of a team and independently.

What's more, her recently acquired Advanced Master's in Business Analysis and IT Governance provides her  - through its in-depth training and practice in business-critical skills - with a complete and integrated approach to everyday business problems.

Our Values

At A Squared, we believe work is fundamentally fueled by passion, fairness, originality and teamwork:

Passion: we love what we do! We profoundly enjoy the variety of assignments which, each with its unique combination of requirements, perpetually nourish our relentless curiosity. We think continuous learning is a fundamental aspect of what makes work, and life, fun.​

Fairness: at A Squared we keep our promises. We believe every person and every organization is entitled to being treated in a loyal, dependable, trustworthy, respectful and dedicated way. We acknowledge the occasional mistake, on our part or others', as proof of humanity and we faithfully adhere to the ideal of an inclusive society.


Originality: we believe we are different, and we love being different! While most problems can be solved using a standard approach, the most challenging ones require unconventional, out-of-the box thinking and creativity. We are as comfortable devising and using previously unthought-of methods as we are using established ones. 

Teamwork: we consider every job involves some partnership, at the very least with the manager or client the end result will be delivered to. Working in teams, especially diverse ones, boosts energy and productivity, stimulates open-mindedness and innovation, favors learning and smart problem solving, and ultimately increases motivation and ... happiness!

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